Purpose & Meaning in Life

Is the meaning of life the same for everyone?

One of the most beautiful things about humanity is how unique we all are from one another. We all speak and think differently, we react in different ways and experience emotions in the context of who each of us are.

In the same way, we derive meaning from different things, and that leads to us having different goals, missions and ambitions. What this means is that there is no singular purpose in life that applies to every single person.

People find purpose and meaning in all kinds of things. Examples include the following:

  • Philanthropy
  • Careers that involve helping people and saving lives
  • Serving a deity
  • Environmental awareness and activism
  • Working towards peace on earth


How do I find my life purpose?

It is important to remember that some people are perfectly happy living their lives without spending time thinking about their greater purpose. Others may feel that their sense of self-identity and self-worth depends on knowing that they are alive for a reason.

Finding that purpose might seem easier for some: they know from a young age that they want to grow up to be teachers, nurses or artists.

Other people may have to go through a journey of discovery. This might mean travel for some people, second or third careers for others.

If you are struggling to find your life purpose, it might help you to think about the following questions:

  • What activities make you feel most happy and peaceful?
  • Are there any people in your life who inspire you?
  • What causes or issues get you fired up? What makes you passionate or angry?


What role does religion play?

A lot of people find meaning through their faith. For example, many Christians believe that since they owe their very existence to God, they have a responsibility to do God’s work. This could take various forms, such as helping poor people or doing missionary work.

The specific beliefs, and the meanings that are derived from them, depend on the religion. They are all based on faith, and in many cases, the beliefs and meanings tie in heavily to what the religion teaches about life after death.

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