Personal Growth

Personal growth is a phrase that can mean many things to us. For instance, even though you have it made, by social standards, you may feel a sense of emptiness or meaninglessness and a desire to break out of the box that you have created for yourself. Or you could be that person who has dedicated many years to pursue lofty spiritual experiences and yet finds herself trying to come to terms with living in a society, where you may feel like a misfit. Wherever you are in life, we humans have this deep craving for self-actualization and self-knowledge, once the basic necessities of life have been taken care of. Often when this inner drive is repressed, it leads to mental illness, addictions and poor quality of life.

The holistic psychotherapists, life coaches and counsellors at HHC have gone through arduous personal growth journeys themselves. They have stood face to face with their demons, grappled with existential dilemmas in the dead of night and experienced spiritual and healing crises, only to come out on the other side, with the treasure of self-knowledge. They have had rigorous training in holistic psychotherapy, NLP, Coaching and a myriad of other modalities, to be in this position where they can be of service to you.

Whether it is about kick-starting your creativity, rediscovering your childhood passions, embarking on a Hero’s Journey, or coming to terms with who you really are, under all those labels, we at HHC have your back and are looking forward to journeying with you.

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