Sylvia Abergil, ORSCC
Organizational Relationship System Coach, Reiki Master


  • Life/Relationship Coaching
  • Reiki/Energy Healing
  • Spiritual Workshops/Retreats

“Cultivating the Art of Letting Go”

“Building Real Relationships”

“Sacred Journey to the Heart”

  • Mindful Heart Meditation Classes


Sylvia Abergil awakens and inspires individuals to step into their self-authority and embrace the full expression of their true SELF.  Her mission is to raise human consciousness through self-awareness, intention and mindfulness from the Heart.

Sylvia’s gentle and kind nature allows her clients to go deeper, face the unknown, uncover the blocks and unlock the path of their heart’s desires to create the life they wish to experience with lightness and ease.  Her clients walk away feeling strong, encouraged with a new zest for life.  They are able to move forward and face challenges from a place of emotional stability, wholeness, harmony and unity.

Her experience, creativity, insights and deep passion for diversity, combined with her unique training and intervention skills, serves her clients every day in making meaningful changes that are productive, positive and transformative.  Sylvia finds deep joy and fulfillment in guiding others on their Spiritual path through ancient earth wisdom teachings, relationship coaching, energy work and meditation.

Sylvia is a Spiritual Mentor, Accredited Relationship System Coach/Facilitator, Evocative Leader and Reiki Master/Teacher. She is also currently enrolled in the Inner Harmony Practitioners Training Program and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Training, and is completing her Kids Coaching Connection Certification.

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