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Sue Skillins

Susan Skillins, CNP, CHCP, NNCP

Live Cell Microscopy & Holistic Nutrition

   A true believer that “life and healing come from within and that the promotion and maintenance of health is superior to the treatment of disease”, Susan returned to school after many years in multidisciplinary holistic health care, at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, graduating with First Class Honours.  Susan then specialized in live cell microscopy.  Using live cell analysis with a dark field microscope allows Susan to explore the “terrain” of the blood with a single drop from a finger prick, identify the blood’s strengths and weaknesses, address any nutritional deficiencies that contribute to imbalances and promote the optimal health of each client.  Live cell blood analysis is “life in its truest form”.  Susan’s nutritional consulting practice  offers nutritional support through diet,  supplementation and guidance to promote health, healing and recovery from the inside out!

Appointment Type

Appointment Details



New Client Consultation

Live Cell, Recommendations, Protocol

2 hrs


Follow Up Visit

May or may not include Live Cell

1 hr


Basic Live Cell

Live Cell only

1 hr


Student Consultation

Live Cell only for students of Sue’s school

1 hr