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Counselor, Life Coach

Ayan Mukherjee, RP (Qualifying)

Counseling & Life Coaching

Ayan Mukherjee graduated from the Transformational Arts College with a diploma in Holistic Psychotherapy. He has developed an eclectic set of therapeutic skills that goes above and beyond traditional talk therapy, to engage not just our minds, but the intrinsic intelligence of our bodies, as well. He strongly believes in utilizing client-centered psychotherapy, delivered through an effective therapeutic relationship, to integrate misaligned parts of our Self, through the process of Transformational Self-Acceptance, rather than solely trying to get rid of symptoms.
Ayan is adept at using techniques such as Active Mindfulness, Focusing, Guided Imagery, Gestalt exercises, Life Coaching principles, EFT tapping and Body Psychotherapy, along with other psycho-spiritual modalities. He is also a Certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and uses hypnosis to deepen the therapeutic process.
Ayan specializes in working with clients challenged by depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, relationship issues, low self-worth, grief, career issues, cultural/assimilation issues, identity crises, existential crises and those seeking spiritual development and radical personal growth. Given his own background, he enjoys working with people identifying with the corporate world, Millennials, university students, new immigrants and seekers of spiritual growth. He also considers himself to be a jack of many trades and is also a data analyst, writer, amateur musician and a dance enthusiast, with a love for time spent in nature.

Session Fees (60 mins) – $100