Stress Management

Demanding bosses, missed deadlines, impending layoffs, 60-hour work weeks, getting the kids to school/hockey/dance lessons on time, visiting in-laws, information overload, lack of sleep, seeing your work smartphone ringing in your worst nightmares… It is an understatement to say that we are a stressed out culture.

Stress can show up in our lives in many ways and though work stress gets the most attention, the stress of family life is equally demanding on our minds and our bodies. When we are exposed to high amounts of chronic stress, it reduces our tolerance for feeling calm and relaxed. The lack of sleep and feelings of restlessness go with your luggage on your hard-earned beach vacation.

Traditionally, therapy and counselling have mostly focused on managing the symptoms of stress, to teach clients techniques to calm themselves and to gradually improve self-care. But with our holistic approach at HHC, we go above and beyond that model.

We explore the reasons why clients unconsciously choose to put themselves in such stressful situations. These reasons can be called core beliefs and they form the bedrock of how we perceive ourselves. It could be a belief about not being good enough, of having to really earn the approval and validation of a father figure, or being driven relentlessly by our Inner Perfectionist or Inner Critic. We work on exploring these dynamics, identifying their origins and transforming the beliefs that we hold about ourselves.

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