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Counseling & Psychotherapy


Holistic Healthcare Centre


The main focus of psychotherapy is to help people make changes in their lives. 

The benefits of psychotherapy are:


Decreased :

·      Stress level

·      Sense of worry and fear

·      Anger

·      Sadness

·      Guilt and shame

·      Feeling of isolation and loneliness

·      Understanding of your individual circumstances

·      Support during your period of making changes

·      Seeing that you have choices

·      Improved communication skills

·      Improved relationships

·      Healthy boundaries

·      Sense of balance

·      Clarity

·      Ability to let go of the past and live in present moment

·      Ability to forgive

·      Inner peace

·      Increased self-esteem

·      Ability to experience joy and happiness


Our psychotherapists are: