Orthotics & Orthopaedic Footwear

Orthotics and Orthopaedic Footwear are used to assist and correct mechanical problems and deformities of the feet and legs. At the Holistic Health Clinic we offer a complete range of custom prescription orthotic solutions and select orthopaedic footwear, including orthotic sandals.  All of our devices are 100% custom made by top North American Podiatric laboratories. They are expertly fitted and dispensed after a full biomechanical evaluation by Dr. Avram Sussman, a health professional with over 30 years orthotic experience.


Your feet are your body’s foundation. They act as an amazingly versatile and complex set of shock absorbers which protect your body with every step.  A biomechanical orthotic is a carefully constructed device that fits into your shoe and controls your foot motions and weight distribution.  Like good eye-correction lenses, the biomechanical orthotic is custom made to meet your specific requirements.


Custom Orthotics:

  • Are covered by most extended health care plans
  • Help foot, knee, back pain, fatigue, heel spurs, pressure points, bunions and callouses
  • Strengthen and stabilize feet, ankles, hips and back, easing pain, fatigue and
  • Help to prevent injuries.  Improves the body’s structural balance and efficiency during walking and sport activities


Services Include:

  • Orthotics for every kind of foot and footwear–over 60 different designs, including sandals
  • Sports-specific devices to accommodate the individual requirements of soccer, tennis, skiing, hiking, running, etc.
  • Plaster casting method
  • Special Digital Custom (toe) Orthotics available to stabilize, support and help to alleviate bunions and toe deformities
  • State-of-the art manufacturing, featuring a selection of unitized (one piece) precision-milled orthotics. This technology uses laser-generated computer modeling of impression casts, resulting in highly accurate fit and reproducibility of the orthotics


For further information about our foot care products and services, pricing and scheduling, please contact Dr. Sussman at (905)553-9255 ext #3.

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