Svetlana Antonyshyn, RPPsychotherapy & Relationship Counseling

Registered Psychotherapy & Relationship Counseling

Svetlana Antonyshyn is the founder of HHC Centre, a unique health and wellness facility located in Maple, Ontario. Her journey as a psychotherapist began with a personal tragedy, when her son Mark passed away. What emerged from the immense pain of the loss was a strong desire to help others and to share the insights she gained from the profoundness of her experience.

Svetlana knew that she wanted to pursue her calling in psychotherapy, but she realized that conventional psychology neglected to address principal aspect of human existence, spirituality and interconnectedness of mind and body. She chose to pursue her studies at the Transformational Arts College (TAC), which encompassed all of these elements to teach a wholesome approach to mental health.

She emerged from this revolutionary program with the ability to practice both traditional psychotherapy and psycho-spiritual facilitation. Since then, her work has centred on cognitive, behavioural and emotional healing by means of experiential therapy that goes far beyond conventional talk therapy. Her modalities, which include elements of cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), depth-oriented therapy (DOBT), interpersonal therapy and mindfulness, are used in a way that promotes an optimal approach to mental health.

Svetlana is also a passionate advocate for natural living. She believes that since everything human beings need exist in nature, our focus should not be on manufacturing artificial remedies, but on learning about our natural environment and the resources that can be derived from it.

HHC Centre arose from a combination of Svetlana’s two passions: psychotherapy and natural living. The centre offers a full range of holistic services provided by a growing team that includes naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, homeopaths, allergists, chiropractors, psychotherapists, acupuncturists, Reiki and massage therapists.

The mission of HHC Centre is to provide drug-free, integrated natural health care that addresses all aspects of wellness: body, mind and spirit.

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