Marcelo Grazon, B.Sc. HOMDSH


Marcelo Garzon is a registered homeopath, he graduated from the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine with an honors diploma. Since then, Marcelo has established his practice in a few clinics around the city of Toronto.

In addition, Marcelo has an undergraduate degree in engineering, specializing in Microwave and Radio Frequencies. Since his time in the university, twenty-five years ago, Marcelo has been fascinated by waves and the energies they can carry for communication and, in much lower frequencies and powers, by their ability to heal many diseases.

Marcelo’s passion for homeopathy developed after being afflicted with a very strange skin disorder, the source of which could not be explained by conventional medicine. Neither could medicine provide a solution other than prescribing cortisone or other drugs that could cause other undesirable side effects. Marcelo found the solution to his disorder through a dietary adjustment and herbal and homeopathic treatments.

Marcelo is now entirely devoted to helping people restore their health and wellness through homeopathic treatment.

To book an appointment with Marcelo, please call his direct line at 647.477.9886

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