Laurentiu Sasarean

Can you imagine a therapeutic session in which you feel safe, respected and listened to by your counselor? If you are looking for ways to solve problems in your life, or are trying to cope with upsetting feelings or anxiety related issues, Laurentiu is here to help!

Laurentiu is a clinical Social Worker who has a Masters of Social Work bestowed by the University of Toronto. He is committed to helping you overcome your current obstacles or predicaments in a non-judgmental and caring way.

Laurentiu uses effective and evidence-informed therapeutic approaches, and he will passionately work to help you find practical and conceptual ways to achieve your goals and aspirations in the most supportive, considerate and realistic way.

Your work with Laurentiu will open avenues to new possibilities and perspectives in your life. Together, you will look at various behaviours and thinking patterns that have been preventing you from living the life you want. You might also explore new ways to relax, regain your balance and replenish your energy resources.

Laurentiu is also certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a very well researched therapeutic approach that is proven to be one of the most beneficial therapies for anxiety, depression and trauma. He integrates into his work other well researched and effective therapeutic approaches like Solution Focused and Narrative Therapy, Hypnotherapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and Transactional Analysis.

Laurentiu attends specialization courses and workshops on a yearly basis in order to continuously update his knowledge and therapeutic skills, and learn about new research and discoveries in the clinical field.

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