Denice Muzatti
Equine Assisted Therapy

An intuitive by nature, I have always been deeply attuned to the realm of nature and animals. This trait became evident when at age eight, I was suddenly in need of real inner healing as well as physical healing. I was struck by a truck and suffered a massive head trauma that left me frightened and unable to process what had happened to me. It was through my loving grandfather that my path in life was forever changed. He bought a horse for me, a fourteen-year-old bay thoroughbred, in the hopes that this gentle giant would somehow help to calm me and give me something to hold onto. “Mike” became my best friend. I rode him every day from morning until night, and before long I could sense my fears melting away. I was most happy and at ease when riding Mike. We had a bond like no other. Though he couldn’t talk to me, we connected on a deep emotional level. Time spent with my horse was the most important thing to me during the five years he was mine. Sadly, Mike left my life through a serious hoof condition. At age 14, because of my constant connection with my horse, I had developed other intuitive interests. In the back of my mind I always knew horses play an important role in emotional healing. I followed my inner voice and pursued avenues of spiritual growth and strength. Holistic healing is so engrained in me, I know I must help others find the kind of healing I experienced. As an adult, ballroom dancing provided understanding about leading and following, instinctively. Horses have taught me to let go and trust; to know when to lead and when to resist, much like dance. My education in psychotherapy ties in so beautifully with equine therapy. How could I not share such amazing healing? My clients have come to appreciate and enjoy counselling when I bring a horse into their sessions. Even the most shy and fearful child will open up and begin to understand themselves through connecting with a horse. They are able to connect on an emotional level that is almost spiritual. I am told by clients that they appreciate my methods and demeanor of acceptance. I love being able to help others through trust and understanding. And working with my horse is how I am able to connect with my own inner child and the way I lead others to understand themselves and those close to them – to let go and allow love to flow and heal. There is a saying, “Perfect love casts out all fear”. This is my goal in helping others.

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