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How much does it cost?

Practitioner’s Prices for HHC Centre as of August 2014


Svetlana Antonyshyn, Holistic Psychotherapist

15 minute Complementary Consultation – Free

Initial Discovery Session – $150

60 Minute Follow-up Psychotherapy Session – $85

90 Minute Follow-up Psychotherapy Session – $120

90 Minute Couples Therapy Session – $150


Dr. Rogini, KST Family Chiropractor

Initial Consultation –  $100

KST Adjustment – $40

Progress Exam & Adjustment  – $70


Lucy Lagana, Homeopath, Holistic Nutritionist & Allergist

Initial Homeopathic Visit –  $225

Follow-up Homeopathic Visit – $85

Allergy Initial Visit – $180

Allergy Follow-up Visit – $65

Nutrition Consultation – $55


Dr. Elmira Francinelli, Naturopathic Doctor

Initial Naturopathic Visit – $245

60 Minute Follow-up Naturopathic Visit  – $165

45 Minute Follow-up Naturopathic Visit  – $125

30 Minute Follow-up Naturopathic Visit – $90

15 Minute Follow-up Naturopathic Visit – $55


Dr. Avi Sussman, Chiropractor & Naturopathic Doctor

Initial Visit  – $225

75 Minute Follow-up Visit – $225

60 Minute Follow-up Visit  – $195

45 Minute Follow-up Visit -$155

30 Minute Follow-up Visit – $105

15 Minute Follow-up Visit – $55

Orthotics Fitting, 30 Minute Visit  – $475


Amanda Merenda, Acupuncturist, Kinesiologist

15 Minute Complementary Consultation –  Free

Initial Acupuncture Visit – $95

30 Minute Follow-up Acupuncture Visit  – $60


Daniel Lacoste, Holistic Allergist

15 Minute Complementary Consultation – Free

Initial Allergy Testing & Clearing – $158.20

30 Minute Allergy Clearing Follow-up – $67.80


Susan Skillins, Holistic Nutritionist & Live Cell Microscopist

Initial Consultation with Live Blood Cell Analysis – $180

60 Minute Follow-up  –  $90

45 Minute Follow-up  – $60

IHN Appointment – $50


Noa Gluzman-Kofman, Registered Massage Therapist

90 Minute Massage Therapy Session – $120

75 Minute Massage Therapy Session  – $100

60 Minute Massage Therapy Session  – $85

45 Minute Massage Therapy Session  –  $70

Initial Reflexology Session – $100

60 Minute Reflexology Follow-up – $85

Bach Flower Remedy Consultation   – $100

Aromatherapy Massage  – $100


Erika Villalobos, Registered Massage Therapist

30 Minute Deep Tissue Massage – $60

60 Minute Deep Tissue Massage –  $100

30 Minute Swedish Massage  – $50

45 Minute Swedish Massage   –  $70

60 Minute Swedish Massage  – $85

30 Minute Aromatherapy Massage  – $60

60 Minute Aromatherapy Massage  – $100

60 Minute Hot Stone Massage   – $120



Munira Khambata, Osteopath, Reflexologist, Aromatherapist, Homeopath, Acupuncturist

Initial Osteopathy Visit  – $160

60 Minute Osteopathy Follow-up  – $160

30 Minute Osteopathy Follow-up –  $80

Initial Acupuncture Visit – $85

60 Minute Acupuncture Follow-up  – $85

30 Minute Acupuncture Follow-up – $60

15 Minute Acupuncture Follow-up – $40

Initial Homeopathy Visit – $160

60 Minute Homeopathy Follow-up – $160

30 Minute Homeopathy Follow-up – $80

15 Minute Homeopathy Follow-up   – $40

60 Minute Reflexology Treatment  – $90

60 Minute Massage – $85

60 Minute Aromatherapy Massage  – $85

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What is Alternative Medicine?

Also referred to as holistic health care or alternative medicine, it is practice of taking a person’s physical, mental, and social conditions into account in the treatment of illness.  Holistic health care focuses on achieving optimal health & vitality by determining and addressing the root causes of an illness versus simply treating the symptoms. Holistic therapies aim is to strengthen the immune system, restore the balance of the various systems of the body, and help prevent disease.

 Holistic medicine treats all forms of health concerns and illnesses – from paediatric to geriatric, acute to chronic, and physical to psychological.

It is the approach, philosophy and training of holistic health practitioners that sets it apart from other forms of health care that takes into nature, human body and its natural resources.

Some of the therapies you might come across include:

  • Mind-Body Healing such as holistic psychotherapy, meditation, music and art therapy
  • Alternative Medical Systems, or complete systems of medical practice and care that developed apart from the mainstream approach such as Ayurveda;  homeopathy; naturopathy; Chinese medicine, including acupuncture.
  • Biologically based therapies, which use natural substances like food and herbs in healing such as nutritional counselling; herbal products and food supplements.
  • Body-based (or manipulative) methods, which promote healing by moving one or more parts of the body (chiropractic, massage, osteopathy)
  • Energy therapies, or treatments that tap the body’s energy fields (Reiki, Therapeutic touch, Bowen therapy)

Facts and Statistics about Holistic Health Care:

  • Worldwide, only ten to thirty percent of people use conventional medicine, 70 to 90 percent use alternative medicine.
  • Renowned hospitals, such as Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in New York, have created alternative medical clinics in their facilities.
  • Almost one-third of American medical schools – among them Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins, and Georgetown Universities – now offer coursework in alternative methods.
  • Many alternative approaches have been scientifically proven to be less invasive, less dangerous, more effective, and more economical than conventional medicine.
  • Seventy-four percent of the American population desire a more natural approach to health care.
  • Of the one out of three Americans who have used alternative medicine, 84 percent said they would use it again.
  • Traditional Chinese medicine has been chosen by the World Health Organization for worldwide propagation to meet the health care needs of the twenty-first century.
  • The U.S. Government sponsors the use of acupuncture in drug rehabilitation programs.
  • There are five homeopathic hospitals in Great Britain run by the British National Service.
  • One out of three drugs prescribed in Germany is an herb.
  • One out of every ten Americans is under the care of a chiropractor.
  • In 1993, Americans spent an estimated $1.5 billion on herbal remedies – ten times more than was spent on over-the-counter sleeping pills from grocery stores and drugstores.
  • In 1991 Americans made more visits to unconventional health care providers (425 million) than to conventional doctors (388 million).
  • One out of three Americans were using unconventional medicine in that same year.
  • Americans spent almost $13.7 billion on unconventional care in that twelve-month period.

What is the Difference between Holistic Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology?

Conventional psychology deals primarily with only one aspect of human being – the mind. Holistic psychotherapy looks at life as a whole: it considers the person’s mind, body, spirit and how these affect one another.

Holistic Psychotherapy utilizes traditional methods, as well as non-traditional therapies of holistic healing. The conventional approach includes elements of psychotherapy such as psychoanalytic/psychodynamic, cognitive/behavioural, developmental, educational and familial. Alternative therapies are based on a variety of traditions: transpersonal psychology, existentialism, subtle energy medicine, hypnotherapy, creative arts therapies, regression therapy and guided imagery. All therapies have a spiritual component.


What Can You Expect from Psychotherapy Counselling?

These are services designed to help people who wish to make changes in their lives by offering ‘talking treatment’. However, specific advice is not given. Different psychotherapists use different tools to help people reach deeper into themselves to find the answers they need.

Psychotherapy is completely confidential.

Treatment is usually takes place once a week for a time period of three to six months often transitioning to bi-weekly or monthly sessions.  However, in some instances, patients choose to undergo psychotherapy for longer periods of time.



What is the Difference between Naturopathy and Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of health care that uses highly diluted portions of natural substances to restore health. It is one tool that naturopaths may use. Think of a naturopath as a generalist and a homeopath as a specialist only in homeopathy.

Do I Need a Referral?

The referral is not necessary in order to receive Holistic Health Care treatments.

How Much Does it Cost? Is Alternative Medicine Covered by Insurance?

While some insurance companies are beginning to pay for some of the more popular and established Alternative Medicine treatments, such as chiropractic, naturopathy and acupuncture you’ll have to pay for most treatments yourself. Please do check with your insurance company about your coverage.

Before you sign up for care, find out how much it will cost, how many treatments the provider thinks you’ll need, and whether you’ll be able to afford the care for as long as you’ll need it. Ask how the practice bills for services and whether you can set up a payment schedule if needed. Most of HHC prices are displayed on practitioners’ pages. Please click on the practitioners page to learn more.

Is Alternative Medicine Safe?

Holistic therapies in responsible hands are as safe as, if not safer than, traditional medical care. You can reasonably assume that licensed alternative providers use treatments and techniques that are safe when used correctly. If you have a question about a particular treatment or remedy recommended by an alternative health care practitioner, ask both that practitioner and other experts to provide you with as much information as necessary to determine if you can personally have confidence in the recommended treatment.