Divorce Issues

What kinds of issues arise from divorce?

People get divorced for all kinds of reasons, from abuse and infidelity to the couple simply falling out of love. Many couples make attempts to repair their relationship through counselling and trial separations, but divorce is, in some cases, the only possible solution.

We tend to think of divorce simply as a couple splitting up, but there are many practical, legal and emotional considerations. Some issues that can arise include the following:

  • Care of the children after the divorce
  • Distribution of financial assets
  • Decisions about where each party will live
  • Emotional wellbeing for each party, as well as for the children


What things should divorcing couples take into account?

Every divorce is unique and comes with its own set of challenges and considerations. If you and your partner are divorcing, some things that you may need to think about include the following:

  • Will the couple share custody of the children, or will one parent gain sole custody?
  • Has one of the parties displayed violent or threatening behaviour to the other, or to the children?
  • Will one party remain in the home, or will both of them seek new accommodation?
  • Are both parties able to financially support themselves? Will one need to make support payments to the other?
  • Are there any family pets? If so, who will keep them?
  • How will the couple manage their social relationships if they have mutual friends?
  • How will decisions be made regarding the kids’ education, cultural and spiritual lives, and athletic or other pursuits?
  • Are there any serious medical conditions affecting either of the parties or the children?


How are children affected?

How children are affected by divorce depends on many factors, including the following:

  • The ages of the children
  • How close they are to one another and to their parents
  • Whether they have special needs or health concerns
  • Whether they need protection from one or both of their parents
  • The circumstances surrounding the divorce

The support that children will need varies from one family to another, but some key points to consider include the following:

  • The children may experience a range of difficult emotions that should be acknowledged and addressed in an age-appropriate manner
  • The divorce is between the adults, and children should be kept out of any fighting or disputes
  • The emotional wellbeing of the children may be affected for a long time after the divorce is final
  • Children should never be asked to choose a side

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